Mobile BlackJack

BlackJack, also popular as ”21”, is one of the oldest casino card games with rich history and highly emphasized in various movies, books and stories. Even MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is involved in various stories about having a specific study group with students who learned how to count cards playing BlackJack. The truth is that this game has been a target for many advantage players over centuries and similarly as it is with other games, players have tried to ”beat the system”.

History of this game is actually rather unclear, which is a little bit of a surprise given popularity of it. Though, it is known that this game originated from Twenty One, which does not have all that many references in historical books. First reference that has been found and is still ”live” today, was written by Miguel De Cervantes and dates back to 1602.

I used to wonder why would people play this game, given that they are always in a disadvantage against the casino math wise and would always lose money longterm. I took me couple of hours playing the game myself, until I got it. BlackJack was certainly the most exciting casino card game I have ever played, maybe apart from club poker, which is obviously way more complicated. So if you are still unsure and looking for a gambling form that would get you ”hooked”, BlackJack is definitely worth giving a shot.

Gameplay & Objective of The Game

The name of this game kind of gives up the main objective in it, which is to get a point score of 21 or as close to it, as possible. When played in a casino environment, players are competing against the casino that is represented by a dealer or a group of them. Every participating player gets a hand dealt, while only 1 hand is dealt for the casino side, per table of course. Your goal is to get a better point score than the dealer does with this hand. Lets not take it all at once and continue with a step by step guide on how BlackJack is played.

Beginning of it all is placing a wager and that’s how you get started regardless of whether you play at a land based casino, online or on your mobile device. First step for starting to play BlackJack is making a wager. This can be done by placing playing chips on the square shaped betting layout, which is usually drawn on the table layout.

Once that is done, all participating players get a hand consisting of two cards dealt. Cards are usually dealt one by one, starting from the left side, when looking from the viewpoint of a dealer. The dealer also deals a single card to himself, while all players are being dealt 2 cards to start with.

What follows next is probably the most complicated part of BlackJack. After you’ve received two cards, comes the choice making and unless a natural hand has been dealt, these are your options:

  • Hit – take another card
  • Stand – be done with playing this particular hand and wait for the dealer to draw cards for himself.
  • Split – divide the two initial cards dealt and play each as a separate hand. Note that this is only possible when two cards of the same value have been dealt.
  • Double – double your original wager and take only 1 additional card. Usually performed when point score from the initial two cards is 10 or 11 and dealer holds a card that isn’t all that good.
  • Surrender – this is an option that is not offered at all variations of BlackJack, but you should try to pick ones that have it, as it does benefit the player when applied correctly. What it allows you to do is re-coup half of your original wager and be done with the hand. This might not seem like a great idea, but it is when you have a point score of 12 to 16 and the dealer holds a face-card.

Card Valuation

I didn’t start with this in the first paragraph, as I thought it’s no big deal. Cards in BlackJack are valued in a very similar way to most other card games. If you’re not aware of that way, it’s listed below:

  • Numbered Cards – face value. Deuces are worth 2 points, sevens are worth 7 points.
  • Face Cards – 10 points.
  • Aces – 11 points.

Playing on Your Mobile Device

With gambling industry getting more and more advanced came the chance of being able to gamble from portable devices that you use daily, such as mobile phones and tablets. While initially that ability was offered to a select few devices, these days, you can gamble on your mobile phone at any online casino site. This also includes BlackJack, which is kind of obvious given the popularity of the game.

There are compatible BlackJack Casinos pretty much regardless of whether you use iPhone, iPad, Android powered mobile device, BlackBerry or Windows one. Modern gambling sites will provide you with a compatible platform for all of these. The process of getting started and setting up a mobile casino is also nothing but piece of cake.

Best Blackjack Casino Sites

Not all mobile casinos that operate in this industry are great and provide a playing experience that is alike. Most will just settle for OK, because that’s way easier and won’t require them to jump through hoops. That’s not the case with all casino brands though and as usual, there also are some truly great mobile casinos, lets take a look at them right away.

Vegas Paradise Casino is #1 rated casino site for most games and players, as long as you don’t live at any of the gambling prohibited regions, it’s the case for you as well. Why? There are several aspects that make this brand extraordinary, from game variety offered to proficient mobile gambling platform offered. Huge benefit for playing at VegasParadise are the withdrawals that are paid as quickly, as within 2 hours. Join now and receive a 100% match bonus, up to $200.

LuckyNugget is also a popular location for mobile gamblers that are willing to gamble from their tablets or phones. What I like about these guys is their approach to generous treatment for all players. High rollers bonuses are in place, but so are mid roller and low roller ones – they are able to present these in a way that does not make anyone look bad. Join now and you can claim up to $/£/€ 1,000 worth of signup bonuses.


That sums up our article about mobile BlackJack and after reading it you now should have a great understanding of two things:

1.) How to Play BlackJack

2.) How To Join a Mobile Casino and Which are The Best Ones. If this is the case, well done, if not, you might want to re-read the article again!